Yogis have long known the fountain of youth can be found in our breath. Anti aging researchers know that any technique that brings energy into the body and prevents loss of energy lengthens telomeres.

Breathing exercises are more potent than any anti aging formula, medicine or food to date. Breathing is quite overlooked, maybe because it is literally right under our noses.

At Phuket Cleanse, we are dedicated to teaching breathing classes everyday at in the most creative way so that people find breathing fun. While at Phuket Cleanse, we encourage you to attend every breathing class or book privately with a breathing coach or meditation coach who does breathing exercises.

To get you started in your study of Breathwork, here is a great introduction to breathing for performance.

If you want to listen to a great audio book about breathing techniques and breathing prescriptions, have a listen to this book book by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Breathing Prescriptions

One thing you may not know is that there various breath exercises for various states you want to induce or conditions you would like to heal.

Get to know the different breathing exercises HERE. Integrate them into your daily life, and you will find nothing will affect your health and lifestyle more radically than breathing.


Do you need a little motivation to get you meditating? Let’s just start here.

If you are like most people, you beat yourself up about inability to focus or meditate. As a meditation teacher, the first lesson I teach meditation students is never to immediately refrain talking like this. You are a born mediator. You sleep every night so this means you are able to engage in every level of meditation nightly.

The negative self talk about not being able to focus is the problem. So, stop that now and your meditation practice can begin.

Meditation Tools

There are a number of tools that will help you meditate like a monk quickly.

Binaural Beats

Here is an old interview with me when I just was starting Phuket Cleanse with a leading expert on binaural beats.

We have created a whole library of binaural beat meditations and meditation music for you.


You may have heard a lot of controversy over HGH (Human Growth Hormone). It is the hormone everyone wants in their anti aging protocol as it gets the best results for people physically. HGH supplementation improves collagen, hair, skin, nails, body fat muscle, fitness, libido, spine structure and the list goes on and on.Yes, you probably are saying, “Sign me up now!”. However, it is nut such an easy supplement to get due to excessive regulations due to the doping issues in professional sports.

It may be good that people can’t get it so easily as they often find great benefits from secretagogues or peptide therapies. Peptide therapies are amino acid combinations that are often injected by the doctor or self injected. These secretagogues stimulate your body’s own production of growth hormone which is much more beneficial than taking it exogenously.

As part of your overall anti aging regimen, we suggest you consider doing peptide therapy based on your personal needs. From your blood work panel, you will see if you have a deficiency of growth hormone and would benefit from peptide therapy. Most people over 40 are deficient in growth hormone and it continues to decline as we get order, stimulating muscle loss and skin sagging, bone loss and osteoporosis.

This video will give you a comprehensive understanding of peptide therapy.

We suggest once you are well into your anti aging protocol, after your stay with us that you return home and find a local anti aging doctor who can put you on peptide therapy. You will be well equipped with your most recent blood work if you added blood work panels to your package at Phuket Cleanse.

I hope you happen to have read this course before arriving at Phuket Cleanse as you can visit the anti-aging doctor in our area who can prescribe hormone replacement therapy, peptides and other anti-aging treatments that you can only get from a doctor. Visiting our local anti-aging clinic is a great way to get a consult to learn what anti aging medical therapies are right for you.

Here is the link to our local anti-aging clinic.

If you do not visit the Lyfe Clinic, you can look for a functional medicine or anti aging doctor who does peptide therapy in your area.


In the last module, we talked about hormone-balancing treatments. You may be doing hormone balancing and monitoring your hormone panels. If you continue to aim to be hormonally optimal, I recommend you start detoxing your home and body care products of all toxic crap. Sadly, most everything you find in the mainstream markets for cleaning or cosmetics are robbing your hormones.

Your best resource for a toxin-free (well, a less toxic) lifestyle is THIS WEBSITE.

The following are the toxic everyday products that are making so many people age prematurely, become depressed, and just feel more miserable than they should. So many of the chemicals found in these everyday products drain the body of energy and disrupt our hormone functioning.

Scents and perfumes
Air fresheners/deodorizer
Fabric softener
Scented candles
Body perfumes
Fabric detergents
Dishwashing detergents
Clothing softeners
Synthetic clothing with synthetic dyes (choose natural fibers)
Make up
Hair spray
Hair dye
Nail polish

Replace as many from this list with natural products sold at quality health food stores and in some quality grocers.

HERE is a list of some of the top cleaning products.

Or you can make these products at home. The following are recipes and a GUIDE to make many of these products at home. Enjoy!



















Finally, we suggest to detox your cookware as most cookware leads to heavy metal toxicity which causes hormone disruption and reduced cognitive functioning. THIS LINK gives you many options to non toxic cookware.


I have saved this module on hormone replacement therapy until last … and for good reason. Every technique you have learned in this course should improve your hormone panels to some extent. Some people respond very well to nutritional protocols to enhance their hormones. Others may have amazing success with exercise that helps solve some of their hormone imbalances. While others can get back to normal with improved sleeping methods. And many people who get in the sun and jump in an ice bath will see immediate reduction of inflammation and experience better hormone balancing.

Unfortunately, when it comes to addressing hormonal issues, most anti-aging doctors start with hormone replacement. I prefer a PATHWAY where we start with lifestyle (which includes nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, sun, etc.) approaches. After this, we would recommend you work with a new functional medical doctor to add hormone replacement to your arsenal of anti-aging modalities. Keep in mind that your primary care physician may not have a clue as to what you are looking for. There are very few primary care physicians who are prescribing hormones as it is a very specialized field.

Take a moment to take this self quiz to see where you may be at hormonally.


Let’s take a closer look at hormones and how they work.

Based on your findings, you may see some room for improvement and may want to consider visiting an anti-aging doctor to do further testing to determine if hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

Now, that you have had a brief introduction to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, I would like to encourage to find two kinds of doctors in your area to support your program going forth.

  1. Functional Medicine Doctor
  2. Anti-Aging Doctor

A functional medicine doctor would be the first to visit in my opinion and may be all you need. Many functional medicine doctors can do hormone replacement therapy. Please understand that hormone replacement therapy is a specialty. It requires a very dedicated healthcare professional who knows how to intermingle lifestyle treatments. You don’t want to place your hormone care to any old doctor who thinks that he or she knows about hormones. This is not OK. I recommend anti-aging doctors because they specialize in bio-identical hormone replacement therapies. Your gynecologist has a wide array of specialties. Many of these physicians may know some of this field, but a specialist who keeps up with the latest in anti-aging is a safer, and better bet. Your gynecologist may give you progesterone and estrogen and even testosterone, but that may the extent of what they do.

*We will do our best over the coming months and years to create a list of the best anti-aging doctors around the globe.

A functional medicine doctor will look at your lab work and see where you may need a little tweaking and fine tuning. They are like mechanics. If you went to a mechanic because you had a leak somewhere in your vehicle, s/he would search until the leak is found. A functional medicine doctor will do the same.

For example, if a functional medicine doctor hears you are a bit tired, s/he will run a number of tests to determine if there are any:

  • infections
  • gut health issues
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • and so on…

After these tests are performed and analyzed, your new doctor may start treatments with foods, herbs, and new lifestyle strategies to help you become more optimal. Healing any infections (and most of us have them) will naturally improve your hormone panel. Healing nutritional deficiencies or, let’s say, detoxing heavy metals will do the same. Once these issues are treated or while being treated, your doctor may want you to get started on hormone replacement therapy.

If your functional medicine doctor is not an expert on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, ask him/her who is — and set up your next appointment.

Once you start the therapy, the results can be very good, and in some cases, miraculous. You must monitor the results through urine tests and other measures. Say, for example, you are taking DHEA or testosterone, your doctor will want to test your urine to see how your body is utilizing the supplemental hormones. DHEA or testosterone could be converted to estrogen which could create a challenge for the body. Your doctor would then need to tweak your prescription.

It is very important that you view a good hormone replacement doctor as a partner in your anti-aging treatment.

When you are at Phuket Cleanse, we can recommend a local anti-aging doctor to get you started. However, you will need to find your functional medicine doctor and hormone replacement therapy doctor when you get home.

You really want to go to the best expert. Some of the best experts can practice online by meeting you for the first time and then you send your regular labs to him/her to maintain your prescription. You may even want to travel every three months where the doctor is located. Having a great doctor is worth this effort.

Working with Your Functional Medicine Doctor

Your functional medicine doctor will continue to guide you down the road to optimal health and wellbeing. A good functional medicine doctor, or a great naturopath, will look into your gut health and look for any system stressors such as heavy metal toxicity, detoxification status, and any genetic challenges you may have. It does not all happen in a day. A good functional medicine doctor will work with you over a period of time helping you optimize your system.

If you are not able to find a functional medicine doctor in your area, you may be able to find a good naturopath who can work with you in the same way.

I do want to ask you over the course of the year to do a comprehensive stool test such as the famous one called “GI Effects.” Please ask your doctor for that one or for one that is comparable.

You may want to ask your doctor to test you for heavy metals to determine if you need to do a detoxification protocol for this.

You can test yourself and do your own heavy metal detox if you use the products from this company.

You may have heard a lot of controversy over HGH (Human Growth Hormone). It is the hormone everyone wants in their anti aging protocol as it gets the best results for people physically. HGH supplementation improves hair, skin, nails, body fat muscle, fitness, libido, spine structure and the list goes on and on. Yes, you probably are saying, “Sign me up now!”. However, it is nut such an easy supplement to get due to excessive regulations due to the doping issues in professional sports.

It may be good that people can’t get it so easily as they often find great benefits from secretagogues or peptide therapies. Peptide therapies are amino acid combinations that are often injected by the doctor or self injected. These secretagogues stimulate your body’s own production of growth hormone which is much more beneficial than taking it exogenously.

As part of your overall anti aging regimen, we suggest you consider doing peptide therapy based on your personal needs. From your bloodwork panel, you will see if you have a deficiency of growth hormone and would benefit from peptide therapy. Most people over 40 are deficient in growth hormone and it continues to decline as we get order, stimulating muscle loss and skin sagging.

We suggest after you are well into your anti aging protocol after your stay with us that you return home and find a local anti aging doctor who can put you on peptide therapy. You will be well equipped with your most recent bloodwork provided in your anti-aging package at Phuket Cleanse. You will save lots and lots of fees from your anti aging clinic as you will already be well into an anti aging protocol and only need to provide your doctor with your bloodwork in order to presecribe you peptides if that is what you choose to do.

Your anti aging doctor will help you to maintain your hormone therapy and peptide therapy protocols by ordering your bloodwork in a few months after your trip to Phuket Cleanse. This will enable the doctor to get a picture on how to adjust your treatments.

You will most likely find it cheaper to return to Phuket Cleanse several times a year as we will do your bloodwork again. You will meet with the nutritionist and trainers and anti aging doctor to monitor and adjust your program.


Scientists know the best way to improve every aspect of your health and slow down the aging process is to activate the genes that are turned on when the body’s survival feels threatened. What can threaten your survival? Well, fortunately in this day and age, most of our species is not having to grab two children and get up a tree to avoid being a lion’s dinner.

In this day and age, we can mimic some of nature’s cruel tricks and get healthier at the same time. Imagine extreme heat or cold, reduced food intake, lack of oxygen, and dealing with dangerous situations.

All of these situations can activate our survivor genes. Let’s look at each of these “threats” and how they flip on the survivor genes.


When you go into a hot sauna or into hot yoga, you get really hot after a bit, and then you generally will walk out of the sauna when you are uncomfortable. But wait, if you remain in the sauna while your body is sending a signal to “get me out of here,” that is when your body starts to perceive a threat. At this point, your survivor genes are activated and they tell the nucleus of your cells to “Fix everything! Detox everything! Turn on the anti-aging genes. Let’s make some human growth hormone immediately!”

These are just a few of the benefits that happen when your body perceives it is in trouble. There are many benefits that the body comes up with that scientists are still learning more and more every year with new and exciting anti-aging research. In short, sitting in a heated sauna (steam or infrared) can give you some amazing benefits if you stay in past your comfort level.

It goes without saying that you need to be careful and use common sense. Make sure you do sauna therapy with another person. Pay attention to your vital signs and make sure you stay in the safe zones of this treatment.


Fill your bath with about three bags of ice from your local corner market. Get in the tub, and you can scare the hell out of your body. Your body will immediately send signals that it is in trouble–in other words–it is painful. Your body does not want to freeze to death, so it is going to dish out every good chemical and physical upgrade to keep you safe and sound. Through this protocol, you will raise your testosterone, human growth hormone, and many happy brain [and gut] feel-good chemicals.

The late Marilyn Monroe claimed ice bathing was her best beauty secret. There is no greater beauty secret I could recommend than calling in the repair and upgrade of every aspect of your being that will enable you to be younger, stronger, and fitter. Marilyn may have been known known as a ditzy blonde, but she and her beauty advisors were ahead of their time.

Phuket Cleanse Ice Bath Guide
Phuket Cleanse Ice Bath Guide

Here is our quick start guide for ice bathing at home.


When you reduce your calorie intake to 30 to 40% below what you need to sustain your current weight, your survival genes become active. [It is a wonderful evolutionary advantage that helped our species during times of drought and famine.]


Type in the answers to the questions, and it will tell you how many calories you will burn if you stay in bed all day. Reduce this number by 30 to 40% and you will know how many calories you should consume to tell your body that its survival is threatened.


When you do high intensity interval training, sprinting, or some extreme fitness routine, your body perceives a threat.

The body sees you are experiencing acute physical stress and it calls in the upgrade. It is not necessary to exercise for a long time. In fact, that is counter productive. Exercising in short bursts–such as sprinting style exercise–and you have the ultimate exercise for activating the survivor genes.

Burst training last for 12-15 minutes. It is high intensity that can be done on a bike, running or any intense style movement that takes you to the point of being out of breath.

Long, slow steady cardio or long, hard training actually shortens telomeres as it exhaust the body instead of invigorating it. Body building would also fall into this category.

Take a look at these short videos on how short periods of burst training makes a dramatic effect on our fitness levels. This is great news!


This is a popular upgrade for many athletes. They do hypoxia (or hypoxic) training and even sleep in hypoxic chambers to reduce their oxygen intake. Doing such, again, pushes the body to call in support from the survivor genes. You may see all sorts of contraptions for sell–from training masks to inhalers, and tents to hypobaric chambers–you can spend a lot of time and money trying to find the right piece of equipment to get the most out of your hypoxic training regimens.

Remember, too much of anything can lead to problems. Just like too much heat can lead to heat stroke; and too much cold can lead to hypothermia–the same is true for oxygen deprivation training. The key is finding that right amount of hypoxic training that is in the good range of upgrading your DNA and those survivor genes.


If you are getting ready to bungee jump or jump out of a plane for a skydiving adventure, your body is going to act accordingly. Certain challenges that cause you a bit of fear will definitely induce longevity benefits. A very short list that would fall under this danger category …

  • Skydiving (and even indoor skydiving)
  • Rock climbing (in nature and on built courses)
  • Race car driving (safe racing tracks/cars)
  • Surfing (at the beach and flowriding courses)
  • Skiing (on mountains and indoor facilities)
  • Bungee jumping (only the best and safest places)
  • Cycling (safe road courses and mountain trail
  • Scuba diving (in the ocean or in deep pools)

How well you respond to any of these treatments/therapies is based on your NAD+ levels. You had a previous unit on NAD+ and learned how to supplement it. You also learned how to increase NAD levels with sunlight therapy.

I just want you to take a look at this video by leading anti-aging researcher Lenny Guarente, to remind yourself of the importance of NAD+ and activating sirtuins via sirtuin-activating compounds, or STACS, and NAD+ supplementation, NR, NMN, and sunlight/light therapy.

This combination is your fountain of youth.


For many of you, it is hard to get anywhere near a proper amount of sunlight. So, time to be realistic — let’s bring the sun into your home (or office) so you can get therapeutic levels of sunlight.

To recreate the sun in your house is a fairly inexpensive venture except for the Vitamin D light. Even though it is a little pricey, the Vitamin D light is well worth the investment as is very effective in getting your Vitamin D levels up without supplementation.

The first bulb is a reptile light you would put in a reptile cage as it simulates real sunlight so that reptiles can flourish in indoor conditions. This light will function in the same way for you. 



Here is a clamp to hold the lamp. You can find stands also. None of them are that attractive. However, the benefits of having light that simulates real sunlight will energize you and be worth the lack of aesthetic appeal.


As you may or may not know, the sun is also made up of red spectrums of light in addition to other spectrums (remember the colors of the rainbow). We see this in the morning sunrise and evening sunset. This red spectrum is in the sun all day and is the most healing spectrum. The sun has two spectrums of these infrared rays, near infrared and far infrared. You need exposure to both of these spectrums.

RubyLux Red Led Bulb or RubyLux Red Led Bulb 2

How to use?

In the morning, you want to flip all these lights on in your room and wear as few clothes as possible so your skin can soak up these rays. These lights will simulate the sun and signal the hypothalamus to “turn on” your hormone production for the day. The near infrared reduces inflammation and cortisol levels that are highest in the morning. I would suggest putting these lights in your room or wherever you are working so you can absorb this simulated morning sun.

The results: You will feel quite energized and happy.

You can work around your house with this lighting on but do not look into the bulbs. Just let the lights radiate the room and your skin. If you need to sit in front of the bulbs for therapeutic treatments prescribed on the packaging of the red lights, I suggest you order the protective eyewear. [ Ruby lux re comments.]

You can sit a few inches in front of the Ruby Luxe bulbs three or four times a week for about 15 minutes at a time to decrease inflammation and heal the entire system.

You may find yourself getting too energized from the Glo Light [reptile light]. If you are feeling hyper, feel free to turn off the lamp. Just pay attention to how you feel and titrate up and down your exposure to these lights.

Another light you will want to add to the mix especially when you are working and doing focused work is UVA BLACK LIGHT

This is a portable one.

Black light, which radiates purple, are so often used in night clubs because they give people energy. You can put them into your room when you are working and you will find they give you a lot of energy and focus. Just let the light radiate the room and notice your energy levels improving.

I would recommend by end of day, you can turn off the solar glow and the UVA light as absorption of these rays can keep you quite energized at night. They are not night time lights. Instead, you can use the red lights at the end of the day just as red is common in sunset.

In the evening, you should use dim amber evening lights. If you need to be in areas where there are bright lights in the evening, I recommend you use blue light blocking glasses.

Both your evening amber light bulbs, your blue blockers and safe healthy full spectrum lighting can all be purchased on this website.

From this module, you must realize that every bit of artificial light has an affect on our eyes and skin. You thus want to cut your exposure to artificial lighting to the best of your ability. This is why I recommend you replace your current bulbs in home and office with full spectrum light bulbs on this website. You will find bulbs that are healthy for the body. Just as red light slows the aging process, artificial light, high in the blue spectrum, accelerates the aging process. Thus, you want to cut artificial lights out of your life as much as possible. When you are around them, wear blue blocker glasses.

For your computer, you can download a free app called f.lux. It will dim your screen cutting out the blue light. Also you can use the nightshift feature on your iPhone and iPad. I am sure Android has a similar feature that dims the lights on its phones and tablets.

Because you may not always remember to turn on these features, I suggest you also purchase blue light cutting laminates for your devices from

Vitamin D Lamp

Perhaps I have saved the best light for last. This Vitamin D lamp is excellent at getting your Vitamin D levels into the optimum range, and the Vitamin D is made by your skin as it was meant to be.

The goal is to get your Vitamin D levels to 70 or above. You can follow the directions from the company’s manual for this light.


Use the light therapy. Pay attention to how you are feeling and either decrease increase your use of the lights.

Do not look right into the bulbs. If you are going to be needing to look in the direction of the bulbs, wear protective glasses.

You do want your eyes to receive the radiant spectrums of light in the room, but just do not look into the lights or hold them too close to your eyes.

Here are some great videos on light therapy. Take a look. You can either build your light system based on the description above or use some of the products from this light expert.

Go Deeper

If you would like to go deeper on photobiology, take a look at this video.

HERE is one of the products he discusses.


Here we have to get real. Supreme health is solar powered. You need to get your Vitamin D the old-fashioned way. Everyone feels Vitamin D supplements can do what the sun does. Is this accurate information? Will taking pills of Vitamin D power your house (your body) as solar power would? Of course not. The connection to the sun is very important and has been throughout the evolution of all life on this planet — including us.

It would be best to stop thinking of Vitamin D as a nutrient and to start thinking of it as energy. You need this energy from the sun to aid your body in all its chemical processes such as making hormones, neurotransmitters, and even electrical process such as neuron synapses.

Your body’s solar power will power up your entire anti-aging protocol and perhaps most importantly your NAD+ and hormone levels.

Here we are going to lay out the Phuket Cleanse sunlight therapy protocol. We have an alternative protocol using Vitamin D lights and infrared lights for those who are in the cold environments or who cannot access the sun due to daily schedule requirements.


We will go from ideal to less-than ideal scenarios.

Let’s start with the rise of the sun. Ideally, 90 minutes in morning sun with as few clothes on as possible. In addition, no sunglasses, glasses, or contacts! Let the light in.

Most likely you don’t have this amount of time on your hands daily. So, just get what you can get. The important thing is to allow the sun to get into your eyes and on your skin. The light signal comes through the retina, which signals the hypothalamus to induce production of your bio-chemicals (hormones) for the day. If you don’t get the morning into your eyes, the compound pharmacy in your brain does not get going effectively for the day. Artificial lights do not send the same signals. If you hormones are out of balance, before taking any drugs or herbal supplements, simply start turning on the hormone production for the day by getting sunlight into your eyes. Hence the reason to get those glasses and sunglasses off. You need to get the light into your eyes. Listen, this is early morning sunrise. Not later in the morning.

This turns on your hormone production for the day along with all metabolic processes, including digestion. If you can only do one thing in this entire program to heal your body, and get your body to function correctly, it would be morning sunlight. The days you only have fifteen minutes, then take fifteen minutes to expose as much of your body to morning sun. If you are up at sunrise, do some sungazing and let that light hit the back of your retina and get your hormones adjusted and regulated for the day ahead. Have your morning water, coffee, or tea in the sun. On days you have an abundance of time, get your hour or 90 minutes of sun time. Do an hour yoga class at sunrise and kill two birds with one stone.


You want the morning red rays upon your skin. The redder the sun is, the better (this means early). The red spectrum of morning sunrise is heavy on the infrared side of the light frequency. Infrared is the most healing spectrum of the sun. It will heal inflammation and will slow the entire aging process. Infrared therapy slows cell division. Cell division (turnover) is what reduces the length of our telomeres. Infrared light (morning sunrise and sunset) is one of the most powerful anti-aging drugs there is. No drug, no nutrient will slow the aging process like near infrared light will. So, if you are not so lucky to catch the sunrise, then go catch the sunset. If you are not so lucky to catch either, you can use an infrared lamp (more on this later).


One of the benefits of morning sun is it structures the water in your collagen to be a better battery, meaning a better collector of energy. One of the results of this process is you will be less likely to burn when getting afternoon sun. When your tissues are a stronger, better solar panel, you are less likely to burn.

There are number of substances that will also reduce your photo sensitivity, reducing your likelihood of burning.

  1. Omega 3 fish oils
  2. Alkaline water such as ionized water, H2 water or any water that makes your water more alkaline
  3. Mineral supplementation
  4. A Vitamin A rich diet
  5. Tyrosine (either from food, supplements, or in tanning creams)
  6. Antioxidants
  7. Vitamin C

Luckily, all the supplementation you are doing in this program, both through your superfood and vitamin supplementation will increase your body’s ability to protect itself from the sun’s radiation. Additionally, your diet will change your skin’s reaction to the sun.

HERE is a very interesting article on nutrition and supplementation as a natural sunscreen.

I am a big fan of using shade and clothes as sunscreen instead of actual sunscreen. First, most commercial sunscreens are extremely toxic. Second, one way to prevent skin cancer is to allow the body to improve its natural defenses to the sun by allowing your skin to tan slowly without burning. Skin cancer is most common in people who use sunscreen all the time and have not allowed their body to build its own UVB protection through slow tanning.

I do not encourage burning. I encourage slow natural tanning. This allows your skin to produce Vitamin D and for you to collect energy from the sun.

UVB Sun Exposure

It may be surprising to you that Vitamin D is only produced when UVB is available. For most of us living in the US, Europe, and North Asia, we are in Vitamin D winter from November through April. If you are Down Under or in Kiwi Land, their Vitamin D winter is from May to September.
This means you cannot produce Vitamin D during these times even on sunny days.

When it is easy sunny, it is important to plan when you can get your UVB safely. The best way to strategize your sun exposure is to use an app called dminder. This app is easy to get on your phone or computer. Check out this video to learn more about dminder:

This dminder app will help you to personalize your sun exposure. So, I will close the door on this subject here and move onto light therapy to compensate for lack of sunlight in your local environment.


Let’s jump right in and watch a video about nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide — what you can now call NAD for the rest of your life. Take a look at this video to get a better understand of NAD. The bonus is that it is narrated by Morgan Freeman. I think just listening to his voice will make us all a bit younger.

Note: In most literature, you are probably going to see NAD with the “+” sign as a supercript (NAD+) … and for simplicity sake, we are going to put the “+” sign on the end of it.

When you have 50 minutes to spare, you can go deeper and watch the following video

These are great introductions to NAD+ and some of the latest and most exciting developments in the field of anti-aging.

Back to NAD+. It is a coenzyme found in every cell and is involved in most of the body’s chemical reactions. We would die without it almost immediately as it is so important to human functioning. By the age of 50, we produce half the amount we produced in our youth. This decline of NAD+ is now considered one of the primary causes of aging. This is why current anti-aging research focuses on how to increase NAD+ levels.

If you followed the supplementation suggestions, you are probably already on NR (nicotinic riboside). If you remember in the supplement module, I recommended the product called Basis from Elysium Health. To refresh your memory, take a look at THIS WEBSITE AND LINK.


The video and information will help you understand more about NAD+ and NR. And let’s not forget about Niagen. It is a nicotinic riboside supplement that appears to be a good precursor to NAD+. Because NAD+ is one of the focal points in the anti-aging field, it is important we give it a little more attention.

All the efforts you make in this program in regards to activating sirtuins via herbs or calorie restriction or any other bio-hack is only as potent as your NAD+ levels. In order you get maximum benefit of your program, let’s get these NAD+ levels up. The sirtuins, our wonderful anti-aging genes, require NAD+ for all its work. By supplementing with NR and doing the methods I recommend for increasing NAD+ levels, you will have much greater benefits from your personal anti-aging program.

As you continue to learn more about NAD+ and finding nutritional precursors to NAD+ synthesis in our bodies, you are going to come across another one called NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide). More on NMN coming in Part II of our ANTI-AGING PATHWAY. Keep on the lookout for this.

Let’s Not Forget the Sun

Recap: the sirtuins (anti-aging genes) require NAD+ for actions. However, as we age, our NAD+ levels rapidly drop as we lose energy. Energy, or electric current, is required to produce NAD+. This is where everything comes together. The supplements in this program and the diet and herbs will all increase NAD+ levels, but nothing will superpower NAD+ levels like sunlight. This is why the next module on sunlight therapy is very critical for the efficacy of the whole ANTI-AGING PATHWAY program.



Have a listen to Dr. David Sinclair, a leading anti-aging researcher, talk about the benefits of a calorie-restricted diet.

The diet we have created for you at Phuket Cleanse will cleanse your desire to overeat and change your appetite completely.

We have created this simple diet for you to start you on a cleanse. The benefits are numerous. One is to get you cleansed. Not just your body, but also your mind and spirit. The sooner we learn about the power of our mind-body connection, the sooner we can have meaningful and long-lasting changes in our lives.

This cleanse is designed to be a nutrient-dense calorie-restricted cleanse. It requires a lot of discipline to strengthen both the body and the mind.

I suggest doing this cleanse for three weeks. After that time, you will be a different person. You will have made a lot of physical changes. You will have healed your gut and improved your digestion. You will have incredible discipline and your taste buds will crave a whole different type of food.

The Phuket Cleanse Calorie-Restricted Diet

See the infographic HERE for the diet.


For best results, add in the superfood blends I suggested in an earlier module. These will increase your nutrition, support your detox, and keep you satiated.

If you get hungry or weakened you may need to add some coconut oil or pure olive oil in the morning. You also may want to add some psyllium husk as it is a bulking agent and will make you feel quite full.

The way you take this is to …

Mix the two teaspoons of psyllium husk with water. Shake briskly and drink down quickly. You need to shoot it fast. Otherwise the psyllium husk will bloat in the water and congeal. You won’t be able to drink it down. You want the husk to bloat in your stomach keeping you full. The additional benefit is the extra fiber from the husk will support the elimination of toxins during this protocol.
If you feel you are a bit hungry or run down, take a teaspoon of oil with the husk.

Do the above protocol once in the morning and once in the afternoon if needed.

Continue to take your supplements recommended in earlier chapters and drink tons of water.

The big key is to not cheat at all. Remember this cleanse is as much about your mind as your body. You are detoxing any limiting beliefs you have about controlling your food intake. After doing this cleanse, you will know you have complete control.

You may start detoxing quite heavily. If you feel you may be carrying a large toxic load, I suggest you take two activated charcoal pills four times a day to bind up the toxins. Also, increase your water and sunlight. We want to get your vitamin D levels up while you are cleansing.


The Meal Schedule

One thing I would like to suggest is to experiment a bit. You may choose to have your main meal as the first meal of the day. This is actually the proper medical suggestion. The reason I did not opt for that is that I find people tame their appetites better by juicing in the day and having a light meal late in the afternoon or very early evening. I find when people eat in the morning, they want to eat all day.


You may enjoy going liquid all day but find you miss having breakfast. Breakfast is often associated with our favorite comfort foods. When people around you are having eggs, toast, porridge and all those delicious morning smells, you may feel this diet is overwhelming. I suggest adding a breakfast soup as this may be good for both your body and mind. If you have adrenal fatigue or high cortisol or are in metabolic failure, having some fat and protein would be good for you to get your system back on track.

One soup option would be something with coconut milk as it contains both fat and protein. If you want a breakfast soup, I would suggest combining coconut milk, with nutritional yeast, salt, with some bell peppers and onions. I like this combination as it reminds us of a delicious morning omelet. If you have spent some time in Asia, as I have, you may even find a morning miso soup with a bit of seaweed in it to be a good choice for a morning breakfast soup.

I don’t want you to eat the vegetables in the soup, but I would not mind you blending them to make a blended soup. I say this as the goal is to give the digestive system a break and allow the gut to heal itself.

Morning Juice

If you are just doing morning juices, you can satiate yourself better by adding a green superfood blend such as Green Vibrance or some protein or collagen such as Sun Warrior protein powder or Bulletproof collagen. One other item, especially those whose body is in a stressed state due to adrenal fatigue, obesity, or general unwellness, I suggest you take 500 mg of maca powder first thing in the morning and during an afternoon dip in energy. I do not want you to stress your adrenals further.

No matter which brand you use, I would add some of the superfood powders we have been discussing to them. Protein powder companies have to make money and the adaptogenic herbs/superfoods are expensive. So, I really suggest that if you have them on hand, please add them to your protein blends to fortify them with anti-aging nutrition that will also support the detoxification you will be experiencing.

A Teatox


I would love for you to add herbal teas to your program. My favorite are Yogi Teas. They are the most incredible blends of teas with such a range of flavors. You will never get bored.

I suggest you add lots of herbal teas to your program.

As you purchase herbs to make your superfood blends, you may want to make some tea blends at the same time. This is a great idea as you can make your own blends of anti-aging teas. Use the superfood herbs and blend with some dehydrated fruit, spices, and make a real creative venture out of it. You can save your blends in jars in bulk, making them with a tea bell or in a tea pot. Sipping on these potent anti-aging molecules will be sure to both rejuvenate and uplift you.

A Good Time to Detox

I would really consider this diet program to be a cleanse/detox. You may start detoxing quite heavily and need some detox support products. If you are doing the supplements recommended in the supplement section along with a variety of superfoods I have been suggesting, you should be fine. If however you have not and just want a detox kit that has been thought out for you, I recommend THESE PRODUCTS.

This is the best detoxification company I have seen. They have lots of various kits and you may want to give them a call to see what is right for. I love that they also sell heavy metal testing kits so you can measure your before and after results.

Transitioning onto a Regular Diet

I suggest you stay on this program for three weeks, as they say it takes 21 days to take on a new habit. (Not much proof about this 21-day new habit thing, but it’s better than nothing). This diet will put you in a totally different headspace around food. At the end of the three weeks, you will be absolutely clear when it comes to food.

At the end of the the three weeks, I would love for you to design your own nutrient-dense calorie-restricted diet. You can work with Craig our nutritionist to help you design a diet for your needs based on the results of your hormone panels. You can also continue to work with Craig from a distance by hiring him to coach you on Skype.

I believe you will find the juicing, the anti aging herbs and spices, and even calorie restriction to be invigorating and will simply want to add in or replace some things in the diet going forward. My guess is you will want to keep the juicing, souring, and light dinners as a mainstay of your diet.

Again, if you are eating meat, I suggest you eat the fattiest clean sourced seafood such as salmon (Omega 3 rich) and clean oysters and mussels as they are so high in anti-aging nutrients such as zinc, iron, and selenium.

Staying Calorie Restricted

When creating your diet, you will naturally ask yourself “How calorie restricted do need to stay to activate the sirtuin genes?”

This is different for everyone. I suggest you go online and search for a BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator.

This formula or calculator will help you determine how many calories you need a day to maintain your existing weight. To activate the sirtuin genes, you need to eat 30-40 percent below your BMR.

Of course, I suggest to only do this 5 days a week, and give yourself two days a week to eat at your regular calorie requirements. I suggest this to help you stick with your diet. Also, I believe there is a benefit of keeping the body elastic and requiring it to adapt and change to external conditions.

Dr. David Sinclair, leading anti-aging researcher and expert on sirtuins, comments on this question here.

Notice how he is says that the total calories is not the issue but that being hungry for a period every day.

He also mentions to reduce protein. Eat a balanced diet. Reduce the amount and allow yourself to get hungry daily. The purpose of this is that being hungry activates the sirtuins and stimulates autophagy, the process in which your body recycles and repairs your collagen.

Please embrace the hunger, knowing it is in those periods when the magic happens. Hunger does pass after and hour or so when the sirtuins become activated. You will know what it feels like with the sirtuins are activated. You feel hungry sure! But you also get a bit of energy and feel even clear. Yes, the mind is on food, but you feel energized and even a bit calm at some point. I want you to get to know what it feels like when you are in this anti-aging zone. I want you to feel it happening as you will know when you are in and you will know when you are out. It will also make it easier for you to embrace the hunger periods and get comfortable with it.

Diet — A Personal Experience

A diet is a very personal experience. I want you to experiment with this and decide what makes you feel better. If you are really in a stressed physical state, I must make the sensible recommendation to start this program having your meal first thing in the morning. As your body starts to heal, you can reverse it.

So, let’s play with this. Stay faithful to the rules. Please Whatsapp me with any questions. I know you will have them. Write to me at, or shoot me a Whatsapp. My Whatsapp number is 1-727-219-8023. I am here for you.


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