You may have already decided to go down the path of doing bio-tracking of your ANTI-AGING PATHWAY based on information from the previous unit. However, if you are ready to jump in and cannot manage to start your bio-tracking at this time, you still can do your own subjective tests.

Monitor or rate yourself on the following criteria in an anti-aging journey notebook that you create (*either online or offline). You can do it in a fun loose way and add a lot of personal notes about the quality of your life and experiences. Visit this file every few days, weekly, or every couple of weeks to monitor your new anti-aging lifestyle.

If you are not doing the bio-tracking blood tests, please start this self-test file before you move on to the next unit.

Even if you are using a bio-tracking system, it is still a good idea to use these subjective measures to monitor your improvement. It is an instant feedback system over which you have full control. You don’t need a nurse or a doctor to tell you how you are doing, but instead, you are taking your health program into your own hands.


Subjective Tests anti aging
Subjective Tests anti aging

Subjective Tests

In your Anti-Aging Journey notebook or file, make subjective notes on the following:

Sexual Health

  • libido (male/female)
  • erectile function (male)
  • lubrication (male/female)
  • ejaculate size (male)

General Health and Lifestyle

  • quality of hair, skin, and nails
  • sleep quality
  • memory and mental agility (e.g., forgetting words can be a sign of not clearing toxins from your body)
    dreams (active dreaming is a good sign you are detoxing because dreaming requires stored electrical charge in your membranes)
  • carb cravings (craving carbs means your body’s energy is low)
  • sunlight (How much sun do you get daily? Lack of sunlight reduces your ability to detox and produce sufficient hormones.)
    good hydration levels (Do you feel hydrated most of the time? How do you feel about the amount of water you drink?)
    stool health (Are you in the healthy zone for a stool test? If so, this indicates lack of inflammation and dehydration as both would impede your detoxification system)
  • reaction time (How is your reaction time? Put a lemon in your mouth and measure how long it takes for saliva to appear? You can measure yourself on different days for this. This indicates how well you’re conducting electricity)
  • gut health (How is your gut health? Problems with your gut such as bloating, acid reflux or other stomach discomforts can lead to many issues in your detoxification system)

Self Test 1: Physical Tests

Self Test 2: Mental Tests



Phuket Cleanse Nutrients
Phuket Cleanse Nutrients

Lifestyle Analysis

  • Do you exercise?
  • Do you meditate?
  • Do you do practice yoga or stretch regularly?
  • Do you engage in regular sexual activity?
  • How is your breathing? 
  • Do you feel oxygenated?
  • Do you have a good social life?
  • Are there family members or friends you love?
  • Do you have projects or hobbies that inspire you?
  • What motivates you to move, to learn, to do?
  • Do you feel like your life is expanding? 
  • Does your work or career fulfill you?
  • Are you hiding from something? 
  • Is something stopping you from meeting your own self expectations?

Deeper Light Issues

  • How often are you in natural sunlight?
  • Are you under artificial lights most of the time?
  • How much time are you in front of a computer?
  • Do you wear protective eyewear when on the computer? Do you use nightshift/flux or protective laminates on your screen or phone?
  • Is the lighting in your house dim or bright at night?


Take time to make notes on your overall happiness, stress levels, and general fulfillment. For me, the most interesting subjective measure I take notes on is about “ease”. How much ease do I feel achieving or producing things I must achieve. Is life filled with ease? Or does everything seem hard?

This is my personal self-created measure I use to tell me if I am feeling younger or older on any particular day or during a week in my life.

Please create your own measures here that allow you to self reflect on your own anti-aging process.