You were introduced to the sirtuins (our anti-aging genes) in the last unit. I started with sirtuins as these are what activates our anti-aging genes. Hopefully, you are on some of the superfoods and/or supplements and have started turning back the clock as you are reading this unit on calorie restriction. 


Yes, it does sound a little scary, even a bit uncomfortable, but calorie restriction is the most powerful anti-aging strategy that we know lights up our sirtuins. I eased you into this unit by getting you started on supplements and superfoods. Now that you have gotten the momentum going in your anti-aging program, I bring up the invitation for you to go much deeper by engaging in a calorie-restricted diet.


I know this does not sound fun, but we have found delicious ways of making it easy. We also will use the superfoods you learned about in the last module to fill you up with nutrient-dense foods and this will help you feel energized and vibrant–even while taking part in a calorie-restricted diet. There are tricks to playing the calorie restriction game in a way that is fun and invigorating. Let’s take a look at some strategies

First, I would like you to take a look at some of these videos on calorie restriction.

As usual, I would like to get you started on a plan that allows you to calorie restrict immediately and get you instant results. This is the easiest entry into calorie restriction that brings about incredible results.

Anti-aging research has shown that calorie restriction is the most effective means of reversing one’s age and preventing aging. This occurs because calorie restriction stimulates activation of the sirtuins. It sets the sirtuins on fire.

Now, because people don’t like having the feeling of being hungry, researchers are searching for calorie-restriction chemicals that mimic the positive effects that calorie restriction has on our bodies. In the field of anti-aging, the chemicals and superfoods you learned about in the last module are called CR mimetics. Mimetics shares an linguistic etymology with the word “mimic” … and that is perfect. Researchers are trying to mimic the effects of calorie restriction by introducing a pill, drug, or superfood that allows us to consume a normal daily diet and still receive the anti-aging effects of a calorie-restricted diet. Hopefully, you are already eating CR mimetic foods and herbal blends. Until that day where scientists give us that CR pill, you need to do your best to introduce calorie restriction into your life — at least a few days a week if possible.

To get you a bit more motivated, I am including some videos here to show you some of the benefits of CR (calorie restriction).

The following video is my favorite anti-aging video to show people because this woman, Annette Larkins has practiced long term calorie restriction on her own home-grown superfoods. You can see the results.

Now, this video makes her lifestyle look quite challenging. Of course, if you can grow your own food, this would be optimal. I live in the real world, too, and that is why I suggest doing a calorie restricted diet with superfoods in order that you enjoy a calorie-restricted diet.

The superfoods I shared with you in the last module will satiate you and make calorie restriction seem quite easy.

Here are two books that are great resources for a calorie restriction diet. You may want to look at them to get a sense of what such a diet may look like.

Vegan Calorie Restriction Diets

Annette is following the diet from these cookbooks created by the Hippocrates Institute. I have to suggest these books/diets to you as I have seen the most incredible jaw dropping anti aging results on the people who do these diets and lead the field.

Dr. Brian Clement who heads up the Hippocrates institute is a real model of anti-aging. He is in his 70’s, like Annette, and on the same diet. Take a look at his Facebook profile photos and search for his videos on youtube so you can see how young and vibrant he is.

Another leader in this diet is Dr. Robert Young the author of PH Miracle.

Check out his Facebook page and book as he is 65 and looks like he is in his 40’s.

Miracle Balance Reclaim Health Book

Hippocrates Diet Book

Here is one other video of David Fisher, a man who is often studied as he is a long time practitioner of calorie restriction.

Every module in this course provides you an opportunity to take action. In this module, we suggest the best action is first to get motivated by looking at the videos of these people. The next is to jump in with calorie restriction by starting the 5-2 diet, even if it is for a week. It will give you some benefits and a sense of what calorie restriction is like.

Anytime you practice calorie restriction, I suggest calorie restriction with optimal nutrition by eating superfood blends and nutrient-dense foods. In this way, you won’t be hungry and your nutrition won’t suffer.