Have a listen to Dr. David Sinclair, a leading anti-aging researcher, talk about the benefits of a calorie-restricted diet.

The diet we have created for you at Phuket Cleanse will cleanse your desire to overeat and change your appetite completely.

We have created this simple diet for you to start you on a cleanse. The benefits are numerous. One is to get you cleansed. Not just your body, but also your mind and spirit. The sooner we learn about the power of our mind-body connection, the sooner we can have meaningful and long-lasting changes in our lives.

This cleanse is designed to be a nutrient-dense calorie-restricted cleanse. It requires a lot of discipline to strengthen both the body and the mind.

I suggest doing this cleanse for three weeks. After that time, you will be a different person. You will have made a lot of physical changes. You will have healed your gut and improved your digestion. You will have incredible discipline and your taste buds will crave a whole different type of food.

The Phuket Cleanse Calorie-Restricted Diet

See the infographic HERE for the diet.


For best results, add in the superfood blends I suggested in an earlier module. These will increase your nutrition, support your detox, and keep you satiated.

If you get hungry or weakened you may need to add some coconut oil or pure olive oil in the morning. You also may want to add some psyllium husk as it is a bulking agent and will make you feel quite full.

The way you take this is to …

Mix the two teaspoons of psyllium husk with water. Shake briskly and drink down quickly. You need to shoot it fast. Otherwise the psyllium husk will bloat in the water and congeal. You won’t be able to drink it down. You want the husk to bloat in your stomach keeping you full. The additional benefit is the extra fiber from the husk will support the elimination of toxins during this protocol.
If you feel you are a bit hungry or run down, take a teaspoon of oil with the husk.

Do the above protocol once in the morning and once in the afternoon if needed.

Continue to take your supplements recommended in earlier chapters and drink tons of water.

The big key is to not cheat at all. Remember this cleanse is as much about your mind as your body. You are detoxing any limiting beliefs you have about controlling your food intake. After doing this cleanse, you will know you have complete control.

You may start detoxing quite heavily. If you feel you may be carrying a large toxic load, I suggest you take two activated charcoal pills four times a day to bind up the toxins. Also, increase your water and sunlight. We want to get your vitamin D levels up while you are cleansing.


The Meal Schedule

One thing I would like to suggest is to experiment a bit. You may choose to have your main meal as the first meal of the day. This is actually the proper medical suggestion. The reason I did not opt for that is that I find people tame their appetites better by juicing in the day and having a light meal late in the afternoon or very early evening. I find when people eat in the morning, they want to eat all day.


You may enjoy going liquid all day but find you miss having breakfast. Breakfast is often associated with our favorite comfort foods. When people around you are having eggs, toast, porridge and all those delicious morning smells, you may feel this diet is overwhelming. I suggest adding a breakfast soup as this may be good for both your body and mind. If you have adrenal fatigue or high cortisol or are in metabolic failure, having some fat and protein would be good for you to get your system back on track.

One soup option would be something with coconut milk as it contains both fat and protein. If you want a breakfast soup, I would suggest combining coconut milk, with nutritional yeast, salt, with some bell peppers and onions. I like this combination as it reminds us of a delicious morning omelet. If you have spent some time in Asia, as I have, you may even find a morning miso soup with a bit of seaweed in it to be a good choice for a morning breakfast soup.

I don’t want you to eat the vegetables in the soup, but I would not mind you blending them to make a blended soup. I say this as the goal is to give the digestive system a break and allow the gut to heal itself.

Morning Juice

If you are just doing morning juices, you can satiate yourself better by adding a green superfood blend such as Green Vibrance or some protein or collagen such as Sun Warrior protein powder or Bulletproof collagen. One other item, especially those whose body is in a stressed state due to adrenal fatigue, obesity, or general unwellness, I suggest you take 500 mg of maca powder first thing in the morning and during an afternoon dip in energy. I do not want you to stress your adrenals further.

No matter which brand you use, I would add some of the superfood powders we have been discussing to them. Protein powder companies have to make money and the adaptogenic herbs/superfoods are expensive. So, I really suggest that if you have them on hand, please add them to your protein blends to fortify them with anti-aging nutrition that will also support the detoxification you will be experiencing.

A Teatox


I would love for you to add herbal teas to your program. My favorite are Yogi Teas. They are the most incredible blends of teas with such a range of flavors. You will never get bored.

I suggest you add lots of herbal teas to your program.

As you purchase herbs to make your superfood blends, you may want to make some tea blends at the same time. This is a great idea as you can make your own blends of anti-aging teas. Use the superfood herbs and blend with some dehydrated fruit, spices, and make a real creative venture out of it. You can save your blends in jars in bulk, making them with a tea bell or in a tea pot. Sipping on these potent anti-aging molecules will be sure to both rejuvenate and uplift you.

A Good Time to Detox

I would really consider this diet program to be a cleanse/detox. You may start detoxing quite heavily and need some detox support products. If you are doing the supplements recommended in the supplement section along with a variety of superfoods I have been suggesting, you should be fine. If however you have not and just want a detox kit that has been thought out for you, I recommend THESE PRODUCTS.

This is the best detoxification company I have seen. They have lots of various kits and you may want to give them a call to see what is right for. I love that they also sell heavy metal testing kits so you can measure your before and after results.

Transitioning onto a Regular Diet

I suggest you stay on this program for three weeks, as they say it takes 21 days to take on a new habit. (Not much proof about this 21-day new habit thing, but it’s better than nothing). This diet will put you in a totally different headspace around food. At the end of the three weeks, you will be absolutely clear when it comes to food.

At the end of the the three weeks, I would love for you to design your own nutrient-dense calorie-restricted diet. You can work with Craig our nutritionist to help you design a diet for your needs based on the results of your hormone panels. You can also continue to work with Craig from a distance by hiring him to coach you on Skype.

I believe you will find the juicing, the anti aging herbs and spices, and even calorie restriction to be invigorating and will simply want to add in or replace some things in the diet going forward. My guess is you will want to keep the juicing, souring, and light dinners as a mainstay of your diet.

Again, if you are eating meat, I suggest you eat the fattiest clean sourced seafood such as salmon (Omega 3 rich) and clean oysters and mussels as they are so high in anti-aging nutrients such as zinc, iron, and selenium.

Staying Calorie Restricted

When creating your diet, you will naturally ask yourself “How calorie restricted do need to stay to activate the sirtuin genes?”

This is different for everyone. I suggest you go online and search for a BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator.

This formula or calculator will help you determine how many calories you need a day to maintain your existing weight. To activate the sirtuin genes, you need to eat 30-40 percent below your BMR.

Of course, I suggest to only do this 5 days a week, and give yourself two days a week to eat at your regular calorie requirements. I suggest this to help you stick with your diet. Also, I believe there is a benefit of keeping the body elastic and requiring it to adapt and change to external conditions.

Dr. David Sinclair, leading anti-aging researcher and expert on sirtuins, comments on this question here.

Notice how he is says that the total calories is not the issue but that being hungry for a period every day.

He also mentions to reduce protein. Eat a balanced diet. Reduce the amount and allow yourself to get hungry daily. The purpose of this is that being hungry activates the sirtuins and stimulates autophagy, the process in which your body recycles and repairs your collagen.

Please embrace the hunger, knowing it is in those periods when the magic happens. Hunger does pass after and hour or so when the sirtuins become activated. You will know what it feels like with the sirtuins are activated. You feel hungry sure! But you also get a bit of energy and feel even clear. Yes, the mind is on food, but you feel energized and even a bit calm at some point. I want you to get to know what it feels like when you are in this anti-aging zone. I want you to feel it happening as you will know when you are in and you will know when you are out. It will also make it easier for you to embrace the hunger periods and get comfortable with it.

Diet — A Personal Experience

A diet is a very personal experience. I want you to experiment with this and decide what makes you feel better. If you are really in a stressed physical state, I must make the sensible recommendation to start this program having your meal first thing in the morning. As your body starts to heal, you can reverse it.

So, let’s play with this. Stay faithful to the rules. Please Whatsapp me with any questions. I know you will have them. Write to me at, or shoot me a Whatsapp. My Whatsapp number is 1-727-219-8023. I am here for you.