Here we have to get real. Supreme health is solar powered. You need to get your Vitamin D the old-fashioned way. Everyone feels Vitamin D supplements can do what the sun does. Is this accurate information? Will taking pills of Vitamin D power your house (your body) as solar power would? Of course not. The connection to the sun is very important and has been throughout the evolution of all life on this planet — including us.

It would be best to stop thinking of Vitamin D as a nutrient and to start thinking of it as energy. You need this energy from the sun to aid your body in all its chemical processes such as making hormones, neurotransmitters, and even electrical process such as neuron synapses.

Your body’s solar power will power up your entire anti-aging protocol and perhaps most importantly your NAD+ and hormone levels.

Here we are going to lay out the Phuket Cleanse sunlight therapy protocol. We have an alternative protocol using Vitamin D lights and infrared lights for those who are in the cold environments or who cannot access the sun due to daily schedule requirements.


We will go from ideal to less-than ideal scenarios.

Let’s start with the rise of the sun. Ideally, 90 minutes in morning sun with as few clothes on as possible. In addition, no sunglasses, glasses, or contacts! Let the light in.

Most likely you don’t have this amount of time on your hands daily. So, just get what you can get. The important thing is to allow the sun to get into your eyes and on your skin. The light signal comes through the retina, which signals the hypothalamus to induce production of your bio-chemicals (hormones) for the day. If you don’t get the morning into your eyes, the compound pharmacy in your brain does not get going effectively for the day. Artificial lights do not send the same signals. If you hormones are out of balance, before taking any drugs or herbal supplements, simply start turning on the hormone production for the day by getting sunlight into your eyes. Hence the reason to get those glasses and sunglasses off. You need to get the light into your eyes. Listen, this is early morning sunrise. Not later in the morning.

This turns on your hormone production for the day along with all metabolic processes, including digestion. If you can only do one thing in this entire program to heal your body, and get your body to function correctly, it would be morning sunlight. The days you only have fifteen minutes, then take fifteen minutes to expose as much of your body to morning sun. If you are up at sunrise, do some sungazing and let that light hit the back of your retina and get your hormones adjusted and regulated for the day ahead. Have your morning water, coffee, or tea in the sun. On days you have an abundance of time, get your hour or 90 minutes of sun time. Do an hour yoga class at sunrise and kill two birds with one stone.


You want the morning red rays upon your skin. The redder the sun is, the better (this means early). The red spectrum of morning sunrise is heavy on the infrared side of the light frequency. Infrared is the most healing spectrum of the sun. It will heal inflammation and will slow the entire aging process. Infrared therapy slows cell division. Cell division (turnover) is what reduces the length of our telomeres. Infrared light (morning sunrise and sunset) is one of the most powerful anti-aging drugs there is. No drug, no nutrient will slow the aging process like near infrared light will. So, if you are not so lucky to catch the sunrise, then go catch the sunset. If you are not so lucky to catch either, you can use an infrared lamp (more on this later).


One of the benefits of morning sun is it structures the water in your collagen to be a better battery, meaning a better collector of energy. One of the results of this process is you will be less likely to burn when getting afternoon sun. When your tissues are a stronger, better solar panel, you are less likely to burn.

There are number of substances that will also reduce your photo sensitivity, reducing your likelihood of burning.

  1. Omega 3 fish oils
  2. Alkaline water such as ionized water, H2 water or any water that makes your water more alkaline
  3. Mineral supplementation
  4. A Vitamin A rich diet
  5. Tyrosine (either from food, supplements, or in tanning creams)
  6. Antioxidants
  7. Vitamin C

Luckily, all the supplementation you are doing in this program, both through your superfood and vitamin supplementation will increase your body’s ability to protect itself from the sun’s radiation. Additionally, your diet will change your skin’s reaction to the sun.

HERE is a very interesting article on nutrition and supplementation as a natural sunscreen.

I am a big fan of using shade and clothes as sunscreen instead of actual sunscreen. First, most commercial sunscreens are extremely toxic. Second, one way to prevent skin cancer is to allow the body to improve its natural defenses to the sun by allowing your skin to tan slowly without burning. Skin cancer is most common in people who use sunscreen all the time and have not allowed their body to build its own UVB protection through slow tanning.

I do not encourage burning. I encourage slow natural tanning. This allows your skin to produce Vitamin D and for you to collect energy from the sun.

UVB Sun Exposure

It may be surprising to you that Vitamin D is only produced when UVB is available. For most of us living in the US, Europe, and North Asia, we are in Vitamin D winter from November through April. If you are Down Under or in Kiwi Land, their Vitamin D winter is from May to September.
This means you cannot produce Vitamin D during these times even on sunny days.

When it is easy sunny, it is important to plan when you can get your UVB safely. The best way to strategize your sun exposure is to use an app called dminder. This app is easy to get on your phone or computer. Check out this video to learn more about dminder:

This dminder app will help you to personalize your sun exposure. So, I will close the door on this subject here and move onto light therapy to compensate for lack of sunlight in your local environment.