For many of you, it is hard to get anywhere near a proper amount of sunlight. So, time to be realistic — let’s bring the sun into your home (or office) so you can get therapeutic levels of sunlight.

To recreate the sun in your house is a fairly inexpensive venture except for the Vitamin D light. Even though it is a little pricey, the Vitamin D light is well worth the investment as is very effective in getting your Vitamin D levels up without supplementation.

The first bulb is a reptile light you would put in a reptile cage as it simulates real sunlight so that reptiles can flourish in indoor conditions. This light will function in the same way for you. 



Here is a clamp to hold the lamp. You can find stands also. None of them are that attractive. However, the benefits of having light that simulates real sunlight will energize you and be worth the lack of aesthetic appeal.


As you may or may not know, the sun is also made up of red spectrums of light in addition to other spectrums (remember the colors of the rainbow). We see this in the morning sunrise and evening sunset. This red spectrum is in the sun all day and is the most healing spectrum. The sun has two spectrums of these infrared rays, near infrared and far infrared. You need exposure to both of these spectrums.

RubyLux Red Led Bulb or RubyLux Red Led Bulb 2

How to use?

In the morning, you want to flip all these lights on in your room and wear as few clothes as possible so your skin can soak up these rays. These lights will simulate the sun and signal the hypothalamus to “turn on” your hormone production for the day. The near infrared reduces inflammation and cortisol levels that are highest in the morning. I would suggest putting these lights in your room or wherever you are working so you can absorb this simulated morning sun.

The results: You will feel quite energized and happy.

You can work around your house with this lighting on but do not look into the bulbs. Just let the lights radiate the room and your skin. If you need to sit in front of the bulbs for therapeutic treatments prescribed on the packaging of the red lights, I suggest you order the protective eyewear. [ Ruby lux re comments.]

You can sit a few inches in front of the Ruby Luxe bulbs three or four times a week for about 15 minutes at a time to decrease inflammation and heal the entire system.

You may find yourself getting too energized from the Glo Light [reptile light]. If you are feeling hyper, feel free to turn off the lamp. Just pay attention to how you feel and titrate up and down your exposure to these lights.

Another light you will want to add to the mix especially when you are working and doing focused work is UVA BLACK LIGHT

This is a portable one.

Black light, which radiates purple, are so often used in night clubs because they give people energy. You can put them into your room when you are working and you will find they give you a lot of energy and focus. Just let the light radiate the room and notice your energy levels improving.

I would recommend by end of day, you can turn off the solar glow and the UVA light as absorption of these rays can keep you quite energized at night. They are not night time lights. Instead, you can use the red lights at the end of the day just as red is common in sunset.

In the evening, you should use dim amber evening lights. If you need to be in areas where there are bright lights in the evening, I recommend you use blue light blocking glasses.

Both your evening amber light bulbs, your blue blockers and safe healthy full spectrum lighting can all be purchased on this website.

From this module, you must realize that every bit of artificial light has an affect on our eyes and skin. You thus want to cut your exposure to artificial lighting to the best of your ability. This is why I recommend you replace your current bulbs in home and office with full spectrum light bulbs on this website. You will find bulbs that are healthy for the body. Just as red light slows the aging process, artificial light, high in the blue spectrum, accelerates the aging process. Thus, you want to cut artificial lights out of your life as much as possible. When you are around them, wear blue blocker glasses.

For your computer, you can download a free app called f.lux. It will dim your screen cutting out the blue light. Also you can use the nightshift feature on your iPhone and iPad. I am sure Android has a similar feature that dims the lights on its phones and tablets.

Because you may not always remember to turn on these features, I suggest you also purchase blue light cutting laminates for your devices from

Vitamin D Lamp

Perhaps I have saved the best light for last. This Vitamin D lamp is excellent at getting your Vitamin D levels into the optimum range, and the Vitamin D is made by your skin as it was meant to be.

The goal is to get your Vitamin D levels to 70 or above. You can follow the directions from the company’s manual for this light.


Use the light therapy. Pay attention to how you are feeling and either decrease increase your use of the lights.

Do not look right into the bulbs. If you are going to be needing to look in the direction of the bulbs, wear protective glasses.

You do want your eyes to receive the radiant spectrums of light in the room, but just do not look into the lights or hold them too close to your eyes.

Here are some great videos on light therapy. Take a look. You can either build your light system based on the description above or use some of the products from this light expert.

Go Deeper

If you would like to go deeper on photobiology, take a look at this video.

HERE is one of the products he discusses.