Phuket Cleanse Cooking Retreat



Launching Phuket Cleanse Cooking Retreats

Join our culinary 7-10 day, all-inclusive health and wellness cooking retreat in Phuket and learn the latest and greatest techniques in healthy, organic, and gluten-free cooking. Master new and innovative recipes which promote healthy living and anti-aging. In addition to cooking, you will be able to participate in all the fitness, yoga, meditation, and beach activities.

During this cooking retreat you will learn to become a vegetarian-meets-vegan chef by using a variety of cooking techniques and working with a number of ingredients from across the globe. Learn the best of Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Italian cuisines from flavor profiles to anti-aging herbs.


Leafy Greens Around The World

Learn to work with a variety of leafy greens and make multicultural marinades

Anti-Aging Through Food

Learn about sirtuins and explore anti-aging blends and recipes to activate the anti-aging genes

Learn How To Be The World’s Healthiest Thai Chef

Explore authentic Thai cooking with herbs and spices that boost immunity and aid digestion

Healthy Fresh Italian Cooking

Sauces, pizza, healthy pasta, gnocchi and lasagna

Healthy Middle Eastern Favorites

Learn to cook fresh, healthy Middle Eastern dishes

Learn To Be The World’s Healthiest Indian Chef

Explore authentic Indian cooking with unique flavors and healing properties

Japanese And Korean Cuisine

Explore Japanese cooking; rich in minerals and antioxidants, as well as Korean cooking; the best gut and heart healthy recipes

Fresh Mex

Learn to make and serve modern fresh, healthy Mexican dishes

Grow Younger Through Cooking With Herbs

Learn about the nutritional benefits of a variety of herbs and how to create pestos, salads, dressings, and herb soups

Paleo Bread And Spreads

Learn to make paleo, keto, low-carb breads, protein-packed porridge, jams, butters, cheeses, and dips

Healing Vegan Yogurts And Cultured Vegetables

The art and science of making broad spectrum probiotic vegetables designed to improve metabolism, health, brain function, immunity, digestion and sexual function

Vegan Burgers, Sausage, Hot Dogs, And More

Explore alternative ingredients which can be used to create a similar taste and texture to meat

Healthy Breakfasts

Explore healthy breakfast alternatives; learn to make granola, puddings, healthy bread and breakfast bowls

Detox Juices And Soups

Learn about minerals, vitamins, fruit and fruit peels, vegetables, herbs, and spices to help you detox the body

Superfood Blends And Protein Powders

Learn about a variety of superfoods, their benefits, and how to make your own protein powder

Healthy Savory Snacks

Everyone loves a snack — curb those cravings with healthy innovative snacks

Get Healthy With Chocolate And Vegan Ice-Cream

Get healthy with chocolate and make ice cream that increases libido and heightens fertility

Cooking With A Dehydrator

Learn to make a variety of healthy pizza bases, wraps, and crackers

Alternatives To Rice

Learn to work with healthy rice alternatives and how to use them in meals

Vegan Desserts

Learn to make healthy chocolate, cakes and sweet treats

Salad Dressings

Learn how to make the perfect salad dressing and balance flavors

Tea Blends

Learn about the most incredible tea blends and how to mix superfood herbs and flavors

Flavor Profiles: Creating Flavors That Pop!

Learning to balance sweet, sour, salty, aromatic and spicy

Food Presentation

Learn the art of modifying, processing, arranging, and decorating food to enhance its aesthetic appeal

Hope McNabb, Melanie Procter, Louella Williams

Phuket Cleanse Cooking Retreat

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