Design Thinking to Create Your Ideal Life



Design Your Life with Design Thinking

Qualified in Design Thinking facilitation, Susie has helped individuals and corporations design award-winning products and services for the last 20 years. She has worked with companies such as the BBC, Save the Children, and Visa to help transform the way they work. Originally from London but now based in Dubai, her journey has taken her through South Africa, India, the USA, France, and Italy. Design Thinking is a methodology used to create some of the most successful brands known the world over from Apple to Coca-Cola. It is a human-centered approach that helps get the best products tested, tried, and eventually to the market. But what if YOU were the product?

  • What if you wanted to make sure you were making the best self you could be?
  • What if you could use these same methodologies to identify and take on some of the big challenges you are facing in your life?
  • What if you could use the same tools to ideate and create an even better life for yourself?
  • And … what if, just like some of the most successful products out there, you could find ways to test and iterate just how you might make this happen?


Design Your Life Workshop

Design Thinking is being increasingly used to help define who you are and create paths to reach your goals. This program offers you the chance to learn some of the tools to do just that!

  • An introduction to the tools and methodology of Design Thinking
  • Tools to help you ideate around the best YOU you can be
  • Ways of reframing the big questions you face
  • A series of experiments to test out and prototype the next steps to the best life you can have
  • A roadmap of ways forward

Susie Goldring

Design Thinking to Create Your Ideal Life

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