Emotional Detox Retreat



Melanie Procter, CEO of Phuket Cleanse, will facilitate a powerful retreat to help cleanse and purify the body and mind of undigested and over-indulged emotions which connect you to the story of the past. Emotional detoxes have the profound ability to return you to a natural state of joy. Like overprocessed and undigested foods that deplete energy, the emotions we “store” can limit our ability to experience major shifts. The program aims to probe your unconscious mind and challenge your programmed self to reconnect with your authenticity; once emotionally cleansed, you will finally have the space and voice to answer the following questions.

#1. What do I want to experience in my life?

#2. How do I want to grow?

#3. How do I want to contribute to the world?


Rebirthing Breathwork Session

Past traumas, stagnated negative emotions, and deep energy blockages are released using a safe and guided session which integrates circular breath work. By releasing these “cellular memories” through guided breathwork, you can achieve states of bliss, clarity, and a deeper understanding in how to shift emotions that no longer serve you. Once you have had the opportunity to experience a rebirth, you will experience a new state of calm, mental clarity, and complete liberation.

Life Coaching: “Free & Clear” (by Danielle LaPorte) Workshop

Reset so you can start fresh. This coaching session invites you to review the immediate past, clear the mind, and understand yourself better so you move forward with power. Free & Clear workshop will:

  • Help you define what lights you up and what emotions guide you in your life.
  • Help to discover patterns in your life.
  • Clarify expectations you have for yourself, for others, and what expectations are placed on you.
  • Recognize what you should stop doing in order to make space in your life.
  • Help to establish a gratitude practice and help to make plans to prioritize pleasure.

Francesco’s Fire & Ice: Steam Room & Ice-Bath

Many studies from around the world have proven that Fire & Ice concept improves heart health, circulation, and athletic endurance. When the steam room sauna is paired with a cold plunge into an ice bath, the sustained increased heart rate between two extremes essentially has huge cardio benefits. In extreme conditions, the body reduces lactic acid buildup in muscles, induces heat shock proteins and human growth hormones, and releases several other hormones like norepinephrine. The result of this regular practice on the body allows you to endure more exertion and recover faster, while lowering anxiety and sharpening focus.

Gong & Crystal Bowls Sound Therapy

The magic combination of healing sounds and vibrational energy is designed to reset, rebalance, relax and restore. The vibration of a gong is a powerful method for reducing stress and freeing emotional blockages. The gong creates an ocean of sound that is profoundly relaxing; a state which activates the parasympathetic nervous system to balance the over-amped, over-taxed sympathetic nervous system. Crystal bowls are tuned to specific vibrational frequencies found within the human body. Every atom, cell, molecule, gland, and organ of the human body absorbs and emits sound. Crystal bowl vibrations have a profound affect on our organs, tissues, and cells as well as affecting the circulatory, endocrine, and metabolic systems. When the gong and bowl sound healing methods are combined they can be used to anchor affirmations to assist with the manifesting!

Design a Personal Morning Practice based on the Kundalini Yoga Tradition

In this workshop, you will design your own personal morning practice to help you achieve your life’s purpose. Before you face the world each day, do yourself a favor—tune up your nervous system and attune yourself to your highest inner self. To cover all your bases, this workshop includes exercise, meditation, breathwork, affirmations, goal-setting, and spiritual practice.

Spiritual Breath Workshop

We all know about the power of intention. The secret is out! But very few people have discovered, explored, or developed the power of conscious breathing to create change. If you want to attract, manifest, or create something, or if you want to free yourself of something, the spirit of breath is standing by ready to help you. Ordinary breathing becomes a powerful spiritual practice when we add conscious intention to it. Forming an intention while focusing on the feelings of expansion and relaxation as you breathe in and out can create rapid, positive changes in your life

Emotionally Detox with Athletic Breath!

After an extraordinary journey of breathwork, meditations and energy practices throughout the week, Melanie Procter will take you on an advanced and dynamic cleanse. This transcendental technique was developed by Kriya Yoga masters throughout the ages to increase energy and purge subconscious densities. This mystical, most intense inner journey has one prerequisite–an extreme desire to reconnect with your true purpose.

Five Senses Experience Meditation

The five senses – Hearing, Seeing, Smelling, Touching, and Tasting represent our earliest sensory experiences in the world. Yet how often do we really pay attention to what these critical pathways are telling you. And how often do you activate all your senses at the same time? More often than not, your senses become dulled by the constant distractions present in modern life. You quickly disregard how powerful the five senses are, losing touch and the ability to fully perceive the wholeness of our existence. Similar to breathwork, which strengthens your ability to reconnect to the present, using the five senses in unison can help anchor and enhance mindfulness.

Optional: Personal Breathwork Program – Custom Designed Breathwork Program & Coaching (2500THB)

The average human being takes 23,000 breaths a day. Unfortunately, due to habit, the majority of us stop breathing correctly from about the age of 5. If you are not maximizing your breath, you are not operating at your highest level physically, mentally, or emotionally. Whether you need to relax, de-stress, energize, balance, sleep better, make better decisions, or be less reactive, there is breathwork that can help you to enhance your life.

Melanie Procter

Emotional Detox Retreat

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