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Zora Benhamou from is a certified sports nutrition coach specializing in all things anti-aging. She focuses on scientific studies on what makes us look and feel younger than our biological age. Specific evidence-based techniques slow the aging process to defy our age. Zora has developed the five pillars to decelerated aging: sleep and stress management, proper nutrition, daily movement, and learning. The bonus pillar is BEAUTIFY!

Zora believes that everything we put inside and outside our bodies physically and mentally affects the aging process that is largely under our control. Aging starts from the time we are born and there is no one-size-fits-all quick fix to youthful and happy aging. While we are unable to stop the aging process, it can be slowed down with the right techniques to reprogram our bodies to try to avoid lifestyle diseases and improve our healthspan. Believe it or not, GENES CAN BE TURNED ON AND OFF to slow down aging.

This Anti-Aging Retreat will cover the following topics:

  • Aging today. Healthspan, 5 pillars of longevity, conventional medicine vs. functional medicine, DNA, chromosomes, telomeres, and epigenetics
  • Why do we need to sleep? Glymphatic drainage system, best position to sleep for brain health, hormone regulation during sleep, Ideal amount of sleep, and practical tips
  • Beliefs of stress. Physiological responses to stress, acute stress vs. chronic stress, and practical tips to lower stress
  • Eating for longevity. Real food vs. food-like substances, precursors to disease, fasting, protein needs, inflammaging foods, and practical tips
  • Moving to live longer. Benefits of exercise, optimal exercise for longevity, and practical tips
  • Building a better brain. The aging brain, expectations in old age, superagers, and practical tips


Intro Session: Reboot Your Health & Reverse Aging

Zora Benhamou will share how our genes, hormones, and lifestyle can support healthy aging and optimize performance. She will clear the confusion on sleep hygiene, stress management, intermittent fasting, best exercises and brain health to look and feel younger than your biological age.

Sleepless In The City

Discover how sleep patterns affect the aging process and how to get to the root cause of sleep disorders with the latest evidence-based techniques. Learn factors that contribute to the quality of sleep and why deep, restful sleep slows aging. We will examine thought patterns and explore techniques to get your body and mind in a state of deep relaxation and to promote positive thinking.

Is Stress Making You Sick?

Understand the mechanisms of both physical and mental stress and how integrating a state of relaxation can heal illness and optimize your healthspan. Experience breathing techniques to release stress, reduce brain fog, and bring mental calm and clarity.

Movements to Last a Lifetime

Appreciate the importance of movement from a biochemical, hormonal and neural perspective. Understand the latest scientific research exposing the type of training proven to turn back the body clock. Learn which movements are the quickest and most effective ways to improve strength, tone, and functionality to live a life free from tension and stiffness for now and into the future..

Slow Time To Sharpen The Mind

Discover how your brain ages, how to measure this process and then learn key things you can do to slow and even reverse your Alzheimering brain. Understand the important role your DNA plays in supporting — or undermining — your cognitive health, and come to know more about the universal key promoters of brain health. Let yourself be challenged on how to keep your brain and mind young and active.

Skin And The City

Understand how city pollution affects aging skin. Learn which ingredients in our personal care products are causing accelerated aging and how to reduce these toxins. Effective and natural beauty tips for clearer and younger skin help us to create a better skincare routine. Discover which trends are worth checking out and how new genetic science is revolutionizing our skincare.

Nutrition Bootcamp

Clear the confusion on dieting, food philosophies, and discover the most effective ways to burn fat. Understand nutrigenomics and how food affects our aging genes and DNA. Get the 5 top foods that are most effective to fat loss while preserving your youth.

To Fast Or Not To Fast

Clear the confusion on intermittent fasting to slow aging and burn belly fat. Learn what is a myth and what’s the truth on fasting while discovering if fasting is right for you.

Burn The Fat With Hormones

Hormones can bring you down or lift you up. Learn how to balance your hormones to burn fat and increase your healthspan in a strong and stable body free of disease and illness. Understanding hormonal balance in a gently scientific way motivates you to implement practical tips to gain control of your health.

Kitchen Detox To Reverse Aging

I will share with you my tips and tricks to get the kitchen in the right order and how to replace (or simply enhance) your favorite meals. I am not one to demonize foods or food groups and prefer to find a way to include your favorite dishes into your lives and your kitchens without compromising healthspan and/or body composition. We cover the following:

  • Why a kitchen detox is a full body detox … for life
  • Which foods are safer alternatives
  • Real food replacements and recipes for your favorite dishes
  • How to read food labels

Dining Out To Slow Aging

Discover my 10 secret hacks I use when I eat out to keep my telomeres long and DNA protected. Understand how to keep meals balanced, which types of restaurants to choose and how to “decipher” a menu to hack your age and stay on track with your weight management goals.

Zora Benhamou

Zora Benhamou
Life Hack (Anti-Aging) Retreat

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