Guided Meditations


Listen to our guided meditations below with a headset to access the binaural beat technology that will take you into a deep relaxed state.

Regeneration Healing

Anti Aging, Rejuvenation, and Cognitive Upgrade

This is an intense, deep hour long meditation session designed to take you deep, deep, deep into a state of relaxation. The hypnosis is designed to set up your subconscious to “anti age” you by activating the body’s natural rejuvenation capabilities. After the session, you will feel healed, high, happy and “upgraded”.

Self Love and Fitness

Art of self love

Mastering the art of self love will bring make you an attractor of the right people, right experiences, and optimal health. Being devoted to fitness is an important aspect of self love. This guided hypnotic journey will strengthen your commitment to fitness and your confidence to become super physically fit. Enjoy this empowering journey and watch the dramatic changes that ensue.

Quantum Jump

Empowering Creative Visualization

Using this empowering creative visualization process, Quantum Jumping merges elements of spiritual practices to take you to a place of timelessness. Here, you’ll connect to the multiverse and the infinite versions of you. By tapping into these alternative worlds, you use the experience of your other lives to master the skills or gain the knowledge you need to succeed.