Guided Meditations


Listen to our guided meditations below with a headset to access the binaural beat technology that will take you into a deep relaxed state.

Regeneration Healing

Anti Aging, Rejuvenation, and Cognitive Upgrade

This is an intense, deep hour long meditation session designed to take you deep, deep, deep into a state of relaxation. The hypnosis is designed to set up your subconscious to “anti age” you by activating the body’s natural rejuvenation capabilities. After the session, you will feel healed, high, happy and “upgraded”.

Self Love and Fitness

Art of self love

Mastering the art of self love will bring make you an attractor of the right people, right experiences, and optimal health. Being devoted to fitness is an important aspect of self love. This guided hypnotic journey will strengthen your commitment to fitness and your confidence to become super physically fit. Enjoy this empowering journey and watch the dramatic changes that ensue.

Quantum Jump

Empowering Creative Visualization

Using this empowering creative visualization process, Quantum Jumping merges elements of spiritual practices to take you to a place of timelessness. Here, you’ll connect to the multiverse and the infinite versions of you. By tapping into these alternative worlds, you use the experience of your other lives to master the skills or gain the knowledge you need to succeed.

Abundance - Hypnotic Audio Meditation

Producer: Aughar

Activate your magical abilities of manifestation. Use the ancient technique for making your wildest dreams come true. Use this meditation again and again to design your wildest dreams in your imagination.


Guided Meditation

Tapping into the Akashic Records has been a way to acquire information throughout the ages. The Akashic Records is an etheric library that contains information from the past, present and future.


Guided Meditation

Start using the Akashic Records to get information on any subject you choose. This is your personal library for greatness.


Guided Meditation

This meditation can be used to heal any part of your body.  The visualization exercises use color to bring healing throughout.  It can also help emotional conditions as self-pity, dislike or other self-sabotage mechanisms. The meditation can also be used to heal guilt, resentment or shame. You see that much of our physical maladies are connected with negative emotions that become embodied. Thus, this meditation is a holistic treatment, a complete detox for your health and mind. Enjoy!


Guided Meditation

This powerful meditation is based on the popular practice call quantum jumping, or reality shifting. Based on the theory that we live in a multiverse and can tap into the other ‘yous’ for answers on your life questions, quantum jumping is a creative journey that brings radical transformations into your life. Enter the reality shift airport with us and go quantum jumping!


Mystical Internal Flight - Guided Meditation

This guided meditation takes you to the place of magic, what yogis and monks call the causal plane. The causal plane is the place you go when you sleep. If you can be awake in the causal plane or in your dreams, you have a powerful tool for manipulating reality. This is a powerful place to work on your limiting beliefs.

​Use this meditation to work on hours of your life that you are ready to shift now.


Guided Meditation

This guided meditation takes you to the place of magic, what yogis and monks call the causal plane. The causal plane is the place you go when you sleep. If you can be awake in the causal plane or in your dreams, you have a powerful tool for manipulating reality. This is a powerful place to work on your limiting beliefs.

​Use this meditation transform any area of your life in which you desire and upgrade.


Guided Meditation

This is a neuro-linguistic programming meditation to help you make big transformations in your life by working on your beliefs. We are shaped by our beliefs but they are not always the ones that we need to lead a fulfilling life. Using the As If technique, you’ll be guided to replace your old limiting beliefs with one that suits your new desires.


Guided Meditation

Create your best life by making a mind movie of any experience you want to bring into your life. This manifestation meditation allows you to work your minds eye like a magnet, attracting your desired goals to you. What are you ready to attract?


Guided Meditation

Take a journey with us to ancient India and experience life like a yogi master. Using the original yogic breath work, you’ll learn the techniques to bring yoga magic to any experience. Find a calm and peaceful state of mind via the ancient path of mystical India.


Guided Meditation

Meditation can remove stress and replace it with a dose of inner peace. It’s one of the best tools we have to balance our emotions, deal with physical and psychological distress, and promote the peace of the present moment. But it can be tough to meditate without a teacher or guide.


Guided Meditation

Using an ancient Indian technique, this manifestation meditation takes you into a deep trance that recalibrates your vibrations to magnetize yourself to many kinds of love. Shifting your reality and frequency, you’ll soon be crossing paths with friends, lovers and your soul mates that have been waiting for this moment.


Guided Meditation

This track will take you from smoker to non smoker in minutes.


Deep Breathwork Guided Meditation

Through the power of the deepest breath and guidance, this meditation allows you to become more you – the essence of you. Forget the story that surrounds your life, you’ll breathe life into every cell, amplifying your energy and personal power. This full system reset takes you into an energized state that allows you to create your dream reality.


Guided Meditation

Listen to the vibration of love and appreciation, raise your own vibration and learn to incorporate these powerful elements into your own life.


Guided Meditation

Create Your Own Reality

This is our second quantum jumping technique guided by Phuket Cleanse owner, Mel. She’ll help you make your wildest dreams a reality with this magical forest meditation. It’s been carefully crafted to get you into the mindset to take the leaps from a notion or grain of an idea to your new actuality. To prepare for this meditation, think about what you are most excited to experience in your life.

As a Child - Improve Study Habits

Guided Meditation

If you are wanting to increase your focus and motivation around studying, this is the track for you . Program your subconscious to increase your creativity and focus in regards to your studious habits.


Guided Meditation

Go into your inner world to create positive programming that will enable you to reduce your alcohol consumption and replace drinking with positive exercise habits.