A guide to your stay at Phuket Cleanse



Preparation is key to mastering your journey to Phuket Cleanse. Here is a lot of information you need to know before we meet.


Help us to customize your stay

Our number one goal is to ensure you have a life-changing experience at Phuket Cleanse! We are already working on your arrival — if you can complete this short form, it will help our team prepare for your stay.


Get the thumbs up

If you are suffering from any physical injuries (such as a sore back, neck, joint or muscle pains), please seek advice from a qualified practitioner before you arrive.

We can then ensure we integrate your practitioner’s advice and physical requirements into your program.

What Clothes to Pack

Travel light

Check out our handy packing list which has been compiled from frequently-asked questions by guests on what to bring.

We also provide all towels (beach and bath), hairdryer, organic shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel so feel free to leave these items at home and save on luggage allowance!


Bio Hack Your Health

If you are looking to increase lean muscle mass, this can best be supported by supplementing your nutrition plan at Phuket Cleanse with protein shakes and Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCCA’s).

We are mainly a plant-based retreat, but we do offer the best organic eggs and some fatty fish on most days. In short, if you are coming to us with a high fitness regime in mind, you may want to supplement your protein intake. Although we do offer plant-based protein powder, it has proven difficult to source high quality options in Thailand.

We recommend that you bring a high quality organic protein product with you, as well as considering adding digestive enzymes or probiotics, and an electrolyte supplement when you pack. Here are some protein options:

1. Organic, grass-fed, non-denatured, naturally sweetened whey protein.

2. Clean collagen protein with no artificial sweeteners.

3. Clean vegan proteins, naturally sweetened, and nothing artificial. Look for sprouted brown rice and hemp protein powders. If you have a brand you currently use and like, then you are welcome to bring it. Remember, if you don’t want to pack these items, it’s OK, we have you covered.


Stay Safe

In order to ensure your time with us is safe and healthy, it is important to be aware of how you can minimize your exposure to becoming ill during your stay.

Pre Arrival Detox

Prep Like A Boss

In order to maximize your results during your stay, it can be beneficial to start the detox process before you arrive. Our team can assist and guide you further on this should you have any specific queries.


Rest & Recovery

Sleep is an important part of your rest and recovery program. In order to get the best sleep possible, please bring a comfortable eye-mask and some earplugs. You may not need these at all, however, they may help maximise the benefits of your sleep.

For those guests with sleep issues, we provide guidance in our workshops and have practitioners specializing in this area.

Our Programs

Tailor your stay

Whether you are looking to detox your body, reduce body fat, or build muscle we can help you to tailor your stay around your specific goals.



There's something for everyone at Phuket Cleanse to give you an all-round wellbeing experience.



Get excited about your trip!

In additional to our all-inclusive services, we also offer a number of additional paid services to enhance your stay even further.


The Where, When & How Guide

We recommend our friendly local taxi driver (Sam) who is familiar with our location and provides a reliable and cost effective service.

We can arrange this service on your behalf if you wish and you will simply need to pay the driver a flat fees of [1,000 THB] in cash from and back to the airport.

Once you provide your flight information to our reservation team, this will be organized for you on request. Click below to see where to meet our driver.


Knowledge is Power

Blood work and hormone panel tests can often be the missing piece of the puzzle in what is going on behind the scenes within your body.

We can arrange for your blood to be taken at our resort by a local lab, analyzed, and reported back to you.

Spa Therapy

Pamper Yourself

Please find attached our Practitioner Booklet and Spa Treatment Menu. One-on-One sessions with our Practitioners and some wonderful Spa Treatments are available during your stay. If you would like, we can speak more of this when you are with us, however, for now these are attached for your reference.

Practitioner Booklet

Supplemental Services

One-on-One sessions with our Practitioners are available during your stay and can be continued remotely after you leave. All information will be provided as part of your induction process on arrival, however, details of these offerings are included below.


Need to know more?

Review our list of commonly asked questions to ensure you have all the details you need to make your stay amazing. If we still haven’t answered your questions, please just contact our friendly team below.